French Copywriter & Transcreator



Think your ad will lose its zing in another language? Give me your campaign and I’ll aim to improve on the original.

Creative translation of your English or German text into French

When it comes to advertising, a standard French translation of your English or German text just won’t do. It’s a creative exercise. In a word, it calls for transcreation, where the idiomatic expressions, wordplay and culture-specific references of the original text are recreated with undiminished impact in the French version. When you transcreate, you don’t just translate words, you communicate – with emotion.

My job is to adapt your advertising campaign or communications texts to give you a solution that’s:

  • Culturally resonant in the French-speaking market
  • Linguistically at least as punchy as the original version.

Tell me about your project

Do you want to adapt your English or German text for the French market? Transcreation is what you need. Let’s have a chat about your project.

For more information about what’s involved in the creative translation process, please check my services’ Terms of Use.