French Copywriter & Transcreator


Online or print, advertising or information, I’ll find the words you need. Your message is my mission, your satisfaction my goal.

Advertising copy for every media

The advertising format depends on your campaign’s placement. Where ad media are concerned, you’re spoilt for choice.

The six major media:

  • Television (TV spots)
  • Press (editorials, press advertising)
  • Internet (advertising for classic display format and video, social networks and websites)
  • Billboards (4 × 3 format)
  • Radio (radio spots) and
  • Film (advertising spots).

Non-media communications:

  • Direct marketing (mailing, e-mailing and newsletters)
  • Promotion (brochures, catalogues, flyers)
  • Public relations (press releases) and
  • Events (invitations, speeches).

Tell me about your project

Whatever your campaign objective is, I find words that make their mark. Although I do have a soft spot for posters and naming, my favourite challenges remain slogan creation, spots and direct marketing. You have a French copywriting project? Get in touch.