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Because you're worth it.

Because you're worth it.

Because you're worth it.

I offer top-class texts at fair prices.

I offer top-class texts at fair prices.

I offer top-class texts at fair prices.



Because you’re worth it.

“Just do it”: the world’s best-known slogan is just three words. So when it comes to marketing and advertising, per-word pricing makes no sense. Think different.

Creative projects. Ideas for life.

For your creative writing, transcreation and web writing projects, I offer an inclusive, per-hour rate of between €60 and €80.

Minimum rate. Never knowingly undersold.

Why not just write two lines in seven minutes and charge €7? Well, that would be letting myself down. Before I start on the writing proper, each assignment involves the following steps:

  • Reading and writing e-mails
  • Analysing the brief
  • Researching
  • Re-reading and correcting my work
  • Creating an invoice.

That’s why I apply a minimum rate of €60 for all creative writing, transcreation, web writing, rewording or correction work. No pro prose for peanuts!

How much does an urgent job cost? Impossible is nothing.

Are you looking for delivery asap? I offer the following options:

  • Express delivery: + 100%
  • Within 24 hours: + 75%
  • Within 48 hours: + 50%
  • On weekends: + 200%

Proofread and corrected. Be on the safe side.

Why work on your own when you can work in good company? I work with an excellent team of language experts. If you’d like, my work can be reviewed and corrected by another professional. I highly recommend this extra service: when looking for typos, two pairs of eyes are definitely better than one.

It’s all included in the price. It’s good to talk.

My rates include:

  • The time spent on our consultations.
  • The processing of information provided (brief, presentation, advertising)
  • Any potential changes to the finished work.

A per-word project? Have it your way.

If you have a standard translation or copywriting project that doesn’t involve a creative challenge or rewording/correction, I can also offer you a per-word rate. Get in touch for more info.

Putting words in your mouth? I love this game.

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