French Copywriter & Transcreator

Web writing

Hit the algorithms, reach your audience and create the killer call to action: you can have it all.

I optimise your texts for robots and humans

It’s all about SEO, density and HTML. When you hear the word “blog”, you think “keyword” and when it comes to content for your site, you know what you want: to sweet-talk Google’s algorithms into making you number one in their rankings.

And you’re right. Your visibility is crucial, since more than 90% of the traffic generated by a query focuses exclusively on the first page of search results. So knowing how to talk to the algorithms increases your traffic.

Be interesting – or die

The traffic is ultimately human beings. And the decision to buy your products or make use of your services is down to those flesh and blood users, which means it’s essential to speak to a real-life audience.

My mission:

  • To write optimised content for the web
  • To captivate your audience.

Increase your chances of success with an effective optimising strategy. Tell me about your project.