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Élisabeth Chevillet - Redactrice

Élisabeth Chevillet
French Copywriter

Élisabeth Chevillet
French Copywriter

Élisabeth Chevillet │French Copywriter

Searching for the right words?

Searching for the right words?

Searching for the right words?

Look no further - you've found them.

Look no further - you've found them.

Look no further - you've found them.

French Copywriter wanted?

What I bring to the party: well-honed creativity, penetrating ideas and lucid text so your communication meets its target with impact.

They trust me.

Translation Boutique

“I work with Élisabeth on a regular basis. She’s an excellent copywriter who always delivers quality work.”

Ihiri Haswani

Managed Language

“We’ve worked with Élisabeth since 2014. She does transcreation assignments for the big brands of our London-based creative agencies. Her work is always excellent. As well as being a true professional, Élisabeth is a joy to work with as a person. We’re very lucky to have her on our transcreation team.”

Pablo Rojas


“We found Élisabeth to be a professional, experienced and creative translator that we can completely rely on.”

Daniela Rodriguez Bonelli


“A reliable and competent partner in our French language SEO projects.”

Nicole Stecher


“We regularly assign transcreation jobs to Élisabeth and are very satisfied with her work. She always delivers reliable texts in the best quality. She is full of creativity and enjoys finding the right words and concepts. She is not only competent, but also particularly sympathetic and pleasant. Working with Élisabeth is simply a pleasure. Highly recommended.”

Anette John

Très Bien

“Élisabeth is a positive, fast and highly entrepreneurial writer. She plugged into our projects and quickly added value as both a translator and creative writer.”

Guillaume D. Champeau


“Élisabeth shows great creativity in the assignments we entrust to her. She doesn’t hesitate to ask for clarification, which ensures that the texts perfectly match the requirements of our end clients. We value our working relationship with Élisabeth immensely.”

Florence Milinkiewicz

SGM Advertising

“My client LIDL France accepted the text of a brochure written by Élisabeth without a single correction. That speaks for itself.”

Gunnar Matysiak


“Élisabeth’s copywriting work is testament to a real skill in web writing, as well as her ability to make best use of the information available on a given topic. She’s able to communicate the information that’s important and interesting to Internet users with clear and precise wording.”

Léo Levent

Paris Attitude

“I’m thrilled to work with Élisabeth. Her skills, her professionalism and her responsiveness are the perfect match to my editorial needs in terms of SEO. Thanks to her talent for editing and her creative energy, she’s able to highlight our activities and strengths.”

Rachida Laraache


“We’ve already completed several large projects with Élisabeth and are very much satisfied with her work. The audioguides we needed adapting were complex: they either addressed a specialist audience or were for children. Élisabeth met each challenge with aplomb. She also kept to deadlines, allowed for fast and efficient communication, and showed a great deal of understanding in response to our changes in schedule. We’ve found our translator. I would recommend her without a moment’s hesitation to anyone in need of professional and creative texts. And what’s more, she’s fun to work with!”

Matz Kastning


“I have the pleasure of working with Élisabeth and our collaboration has been entirely positive: she is serious, trustworthy and always delivers quality texts. She’s a valuable asset to our company.”

Renata Pagnucco

Rainbow Translations

“We’ve found a trusted collaborator in Élisabeth. As well as consistently producing texts of optimal quality within the agreed deadlines, you can sense her passion for the process of translation; it’s an interest she shares with our team. We’re confident that our highly valued collaboration will last.”

Alessio Demartis

Etr-ange Production

“What we love about Élisabeth is how she listens. She puts words to your ideas and brings her own style while staying true to the spirit that you’re going for. She works quickly, with patience and care to bring out what’s in your imagination. Working with Élisabeth brings real added value to your projects, and it’s also a mutually enjoyable experience.”

Paul Bourdrel

Le Progrès

“Élisabeth Chevillet worked on the editorial team at Le Progrès, the local daily newspaper in Lyon. She brought her sensitivity to the city’s relationship with its inhabitants. She also brought her ideas, writing skills, generosity, curiosity and real open-mindedness. She has all the qualities of a journalist.”

Frank Viart


“The cooperation with Élisabeth has been very pleasant and professional. The translations were of the highest quality, both in terms of content and tone of voice.”

Annette Saul

Harvest moon

“We thank Élisabeth for the perfect, responsive support she provided during our product relaunch. Besides our demand for high quality in terms of design, our packaging text is extremely important for us. Élisabeth met our standards 100%; I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with her.”

Lena Lembcke


“The articles are perfect.”

The Diamanza Team

Rührmair Software-Lokalisierung

“We’re very happy with Élisabeth’s work. Thank you so much for the productive collaboration. We’ll be back for more.”

Werner Rührmair

One Hundred Aid

“I’m thrilled, because Élisabeth’s texts met my expectations perfectly. Her experience means she can adapt our texts, in detail, in the best possible way; something that’s essential in the field of online sales. As a small business, we also particularly appreciate how she responds immediately to our queries or requests for changes. What more can I say! I can only recommend her editorial services.”

Eckhard Meurer

Khem Design

“I’ve received the texts. I love them!”


Encore Heureux

“Élisabeth was able to describe a complex world in just a few words. Beyond her undeniable talent as a copywriter and her skill for summary, she’ll charm you with a relationship that reflects her passion for giving others targeted and effective visibility. Jump right in.”



“Élisabeth has aptly transcribed the universe and the mood of our various musical projects. With her listening ear and her creative spirit, not only did she bring us cohesion and coherence, but most importantly she was able to interpret a musical piece to make its meaning clear. Her command of writing, her sensitivity and her professionalism have been real assets to us. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an original and effective copywriter.”