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Élisabeth Chevillet - Redactrice

Élisabeth Chevillet
French Copywriter

Élisabeth Chevillet
French Copywriter

Élisabeth Chevillet | French Copywriter

I believe in fair play.

I believe in fair play.

I believe in fair play.

Let’s be a winning team.

Let’s be a winning team.

Let’s be a winning team.

Terms of Use

Fair play is the best way – and the only way for me.

Quote – It costs nothing to ask

You like clarity? So do I. Send me your detailed project to receive a free quote. Signed and returned by email, the quote acts as a contract.

Rates – Good housekeeping makes good friends

All is included in the price. Besides the text, the fixed quote includes the time spent on our consultation, the processing of your information (brief, information about the company, past advertising campaigns) and any changes made to the final work. If you choose the option for “proofreading and correction” by another linguist, the estimated price of this additional service will be provided separately in the quote.

Brief – Let’s make a winning team

In order to reach a goal, you first need to define one. So the quality of your brief is crucial. Take the time to set out your project and write your instructions fully and precisely, providing the following details:

  • The target audience: age, gender, social group, interests, etc.
  • The type of service needed: copywriting, transcreation, web writing, rewording or correction
  • The use: TV spot, press ad, website, web banner, 4 × 3 poster, e-mailing, brochure, press release, speeches, etc.
  • The goal of the campaign: to showcase a product, boost sales, raise awareness, educate, etc.
  • Any specific instructions: text structure, campaign context, legal restrictions, etc.
  • The tone: hard-hitting, fun, serious, etc.
  • The volume of text: a slogan, a headline + body copy, 800 words, etc.
  • The deadline: day, date and time (CET) for turnaround.

In addition to the brief, please send me any other information needed for copywriting: company profile, service or product specifications, old advertising campaigns, etc.

Consultation – Tell me about yourself

E-mail, telephone, videoconference or meeting at your premises: choose your own preferred method of contact.

Tools – As easy as 1-2-3

I work with Microsoft Office and SDL Trados Studio, a computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool.

Delivery – Safely in your mailbox

You receive your texts:

  • By email
  • Within the agreed deadline
  • In the format you choose (Word, Excel, PDF or Trados package).

Changes – Client rules

My goal? Your satisfaction. If you want to make any amendments to the text delivered, you can ask me to make changes within 7 days of delivery at no extra cost.

Payment – All work deserves pay

Payment is made by bank transfer within 4 weeks upon receipt of the invoice. I send you the invoice with my bank details at the end of the delivery’s month. The invoice marks the completion of the contract. If payment is not made within the fixed deadline, a penalty rate of 10% of the invoice amount will be applied per month of delay. Thank you for your understanding.

Any questions? Get in touch.