Élisabeth Chevillet - Redactrice

Élisabeth Chevillet
French Copywriter

Élisabeth Chevillet
French Copywriter

Élisabeth Chevillet | French Copywriter

There is something you want to say?

There is something you want to say?

There is something you want to say?

I find words that are on point.

I find words that are on point.

I find words that are on point.


About me

Journalism taught me to be concise, a Masters in philosophy taught me to analyze. Copywriting is my vocation, it brings it all together and makes my heart sing.

Hi, is there something you want to say?

I put the words in your mouth

Are you looking for a wordsmith wonder woman to put your project in the spotlight? Good news: you’re in the right place. As a freelance copywriter since 2010, I take on your copywriting*, transcreation* and web writing* projects with both personal enjoyment and professionalism.

*Texts tended with passion and hard graft, guaranteed free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Words that hit home

With a background in advertising and marketing, I’ve gained expertise in a wide range of fields:

  • Food*, Healthcare and Sport | Medicine and Alternative Medicine
  • Architecture and Design> | Construction and Property

  • Arts, Culture and Education> | Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Automotive Industry

  • E-commerce> | Tech and IT

  • Accommodation and Tourism

  • Fashion> | Cosmetics and Natural Products.

*No advertising for meat and dead animals, thank you!

It’s also always a pleasure to write for humanitarian and environmental organisations, as well as those working to protect the rights of minorities.

Adidas, Canon, Cisco, Cornelsen Verlag, FranceTV, Hertz, Infiniti, Lidl, Lionbridge, Lipton, Maille, Paris Attitude, Save The Children, Sony, Strato, TomTom… And you ?

Your satisfaction is my number one priority. That’s why I strive to offer an impeccable service. Although I love the creativity, freedom and perfectionism involved in copywriting, I also know how to listen, stick to a brief and handle criticism. The result:

  • A portfolio of more than 50 customers worldwide
  • Success in a number of advertising pitches
  • 100% of deadlines met since 2010.

All media is accepted

The advertising world encompasses a multitude of different media.

  • The campaigns in my portfolio cover all media platforms: display, web, television, radio and press.
  • I also write your non-media communication texts, including direct marketing, print promotion and public relations.

Talk to algorithms, captivate your audience

Whether it’s display advertising, website content, blog posts or social networks: writing for the web is part of my daily life.

Ongoing collaborations with Web marketing, web writing and SEO agencies enable me to stay ahead of search engine optimisation techniques. I’m fluent in copywriting with keywords, HTML tags and optimised page structure.

Clients: for adults and children alike

Based in the Munich area, I work for editorial, advertising and translation agencies as well as businesses, associations and individual clients.

Most of my clients are located in Europe and the Americas. My projects range from international cross media campaigns to local communications.

Professional education: I think, therefore I write

I took a course in humanities and social sciences at university, coming away with a masters in philosophy in 2006. Sociology, Psychology and English also formed a large part of my training.

While studying, I worked as a trainee journalist and press correspondent at Lyon’s Le Progrès newspaper. I then went to live in Montreal, before moving to Germany in 2009.

Career: go go, gadget word!

Before starting my copywriting agency in 2010, I’d been an apricot picker, a housekeeper, a fine arts model, a bartender on the liveliest street in Lyon, a cashier at the poshest place in Lyon, a poutine server in Montreal, a fruit sorter, a photographer, an adventurer, a night-owl, a happy person (and I still am), but also:

  • Communications Officer
  • Press Correspondent
  • Corporate Journalist
  • French as a foreign language Teacher
  • Web Writer.

In 2015, I co-founded transcreation service Textcult.

My wonders of the world

As well as being obsessed with words, I’m fascinated by intercultural communication. Travelling across Egypt from Cairo to Abu Simbel, a stay with a Moroccan family in Beni Mellal, a journey to the heart of Norwegian fjords, a year spent in the arms of Quebec ‘Montreality’, a Creole spring on Reunion Island and a summer under the blazing sun of Sri Lanka are just some of my most memorable experiences.

As a devotee of storytelling in all its forms, I love literature, rap and poetry.

Vegan cuisine, the environment, staying healthy, sciences and the ukulele are part and parcel of my daily life.

After a day’s copywriting, there’s every chance you’ll find me in the vicinity of a basketball court, a yoga mat or a chessboard.

Want to find out more? Ask me for my CV.