My creative network

Swapping links to boost rankings? Forget it! With its army of pandas, penguins and pigeons, Google didn’t just pop up with the last search query. So, in the spirit of honouring great minds, I give you my network of creative creatures.

Ellen Bonte

Fastest hired German in the Ad World.

Looking for rock-solid text or dazzling transcreation? On the German side of things, it all happens in Leipzig. Ellen is lightning quick on the draft and legend has it she’s never missed her target audience. 100% inspiration and equal parts perspiration, she always gives 200% (back to the drawing board, maths geniuses!). As befits her past-perfect CV, your super-heroine will lead translation teams on request. And when she’s not busy writing kickass adverts, she’s setting underground scenes alight with her muso cohort.

Andreas Lenné

Call for backup when WordPress acts up!

Looking for a webdesigner who knows every bit and byte of your CMS? Congratulations, you need look no further. Andreas has custom design written in his DNA. If I.T. gives you goosebumps, he’ll smooth out your site’s lumps. But if you want it explained to you, he’s equally happy to. Whether it’s a bit of botox or a full facelift, he knows all the tricks of the trade to put your shop-front on point and turn Don Google’s head. Special powers: unshakeable patience, impervious to silly questions. And when he’s done saving the world, your E-mechanic can be seen hurtling along the Bavarian roads by bike.

Sabine Spieckermann

Mission: Rid the world of graphic poverty. Do you accept?

There are graphic designers and then there are graphic designers; no doubt about it, Supersabine belongs to the latter category. Applying the same streak of genius to her illustrations for tales of monsters and magic, media magazines and left-field art exhibitions, Sabine always accepts the mission! With thousands of creations boasting her signature, she and her X-ray vision always see through to the bigger picture. Special powers: the creative mind behind the Kunstbetrieb, a fabulous space where art takes pride of place. Welcome to Dortmund, a city you now know for more than just the football club.