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Copywriting, transcreation and web editing

It’s your creative challenges that chime with me, pushing me to give my best. No surprise, then, that advertising and marketing are where I’m in my element.

Passion is the key to success. Because there’s such a variety of different work involved in copywriting, I’ve specialised in three main disciplines to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Between us both, it’s a team effort: you give me a precise brief and I deliver texts that stick.


Where advertising media is concerned, you’re spoiled for choice.

  • The six major media: television (TV spots), press (editorials, press advertising), Internet (advertising for classic display format and video, social networks and websites), billboards (4 × 3 format), radio (radio spots) and film (advertising spots).

  • Non-media communications: direct marketing (mailing, e-mailing and newsletters), promotion (brochures, catalogues, flyers), public relations (press releases) and events (invitations, speeches).

Whatever media you’re using in your campaign, I find the words that find their mark.

I’m passionate about creating texts to suit your projects. Although I do have a weakness for posters, spots and direct marketing, slogan creation and naming are still my favourite challenges.

English and German > French Transcreation

When it comes to advertising, standard translation goes out the window: it’s time to get local and creative. More than just translating words, transcreation is about putting across emotions.

With that in mind, I can adapt your advertising campaign or communications texts to offer you a solution that’s:

  • Culturally adapted to the French-speaking market

  • Linguistically at least as effective as the original version.

Web editing

You’ve probably heard of SEO, density and HTML. And when you hear the word “blog”, you think “keyword”. When it comes to content for your site, you know what you want: to sweet-talk Google’s algorithms into making you number one in the Silicon Valley giant’s rankings.

And you’re right: your visibility is crucial, since more than 90% of the traffic generated by a query focuses exclusively on the first page of search results. So knowing how to talk to the algorithms gets you traffic.

That being said, the traffic is generated by human beings. And the decision to buy your products or make use of your services is down to those flesh and blood users, which means it’s absolutely crucial to speak to a real-life audience.

My mission:

  • To write optimised content for the web

  • To captivate your audience.

And it’s far from impossible.

Rewording and correction

As a copywriter, I also offer rewording and correction services.

Whether it’s a campaign, website, brochure, letter, speech, manuscript or a student paper, I receive an astonishing range of requests.

Do you have a text that needs optimising? Get in touch.